Since 90s, global work culture underwent a paradigm change. Lurking file stacks at government offices, no longer warrants job satisfaction to modern professionals. World’s leading companies like Apple, Google or Facebook were floated from humble garages or hostel rooms. People no longer aspire for shorthand training or typewriting skills, which once used to be the only key o success.

Change is the only constant. 

And we are going through that phase of revolutionary change and innovations.

“Accept the change or perish” is our only success mantra. Pertaining to age old decisions and belief systems is the biggest adversary we can think of.


Technological advancements with changing market dynamics have introduced new professions and futuristic career avenues. This transformation is getting broadly accepted by centennials.

In the year 2017, animation and VFX is the most sought after career options in India. At present, animation industry in India is poised to get a rampant make over. Indian VFX industry is on par with hollywood industry. Hundreds of production houses in India has been consistently delivering services of global standards. Even production houses in Kolkata are grabbing the slice of this uninhibited growth.


“Due to exorbitant demand for animators in Kolkata, we suffer from perpetual dearth of human resource. We recruited more than 100 animators in last quarter of 2016. Demand for skilled professionals in Animation & VFX industry is always higher than its supply. One of the key reasons is our ignorance about new age career options.                                                                                          – Subrata Roy, Director Hi-Tech Film & Broadcast Academy.

Kolkata now boasts of productions like Shiva & Motu Patlu in Nickleodeon. Animators from other states of India like Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad are flocking to Kolkata.

“Kolkata is an emerging hotspot for Animation and VFX production. Production houses in Kolkata are working for national and international clients at par with other states like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Recently there is a noted influx of animators and designers in Kolkata. We have several outstation employees who work for us here in Kolkata”.Sanjoy Adhikary, Director & Partner, Graphics Box Master


There has been a noted growth in search volume for animation- vfx in Google and Facebook. According to analysts, a decisive segment of students’ community is willing to pursue unconventional career options like Photography, Designing, film making and VFX. This trend has been further augmented by recent ASSOCHAM Report and National Employability Report.



Nowadays, students and predominantly their parents are more concerned about acquiring degrees than gaining requisite skills. We are dwelling in a value added generation where employees and professionals are judged by their value added skills rather than their certificates. Starting from tech firms to media industry- everyone is looking for efficient professionals. So realize your inner potential and be generous in pursuing your career passionately.

Source: Google & Youtube. 

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