This animation institute is changing the definition of success in Kolkata.


Of late the art of Multimedia has taken over almost all the Indian media sectors and have been creating a plethora of job opportunities for the skilled animators and the rapid buildout of this phenomenon stirred many young hearts to take up Animation as their viable career option. Hi-Tech Animation Academy over two decades have been generating hundreds of Animation professionals every year to meet the growing need and also giving them placements through organizing recruitment drives, several times a year. Our recent recruitment process was carried out by Knowledge Podium, a digital interactive company, for their Dehradun work unit.

Ritabrata Hi-Tech animation

Ritabrata Banrejee- Kolkata graphic designer got placed at Knowledge Podium (Dehradun).

Ritabrata Banerjee, an alumnus of our academic institution, is one among the other successful students having secured a placement in their company as 2D animator, spoke to us on his journey of an Animation enthusiast and his experience with Hi-Tech Animation.

Interviewer : At first, congratulations Ritabrata, may you always succeed in what you love to do.
Ritabrata: thank you.

Interviewer: alright, I’d like to ask you how it all started? When did you decide to learn Animation.
Ritabrata: I grew up learning sketching and I’ve always been very fond of Animation whether it’s cartoon shows or 3D movies. So after my 12th I decided to enroll myself at Hi-Tech Animation in 2013 to learn Multimedia, a course of one and a half year.

Interviewer: Do you have any working experience before this job interview?
Ritabrata: yes, I have been working as 2D animator since I passed out from Hi-Tech, two and half years ago to be precise. So far I have worked for 4 companies and this is my 5th job I’m going to join. Out of 5 companies Hi-Tech Animation has placed me in 3 companies. I can remember my first job at Chennai, where I worked for one year. I got that job through the help of the placement cell of my institution.

Interviewer: How was today’s experience at the interview?
Ritabrata: Though I have earlier appeared in 4 interviews as an animator still I was a bit nervous. They asked me some tricky questions but I managed to answer all of them. It was a nice experience altogether.

Hitech animation

On-campus interview at Hi-Tech Animation

Interviewer: Does the curriculum you studied helped you in your professional field?
Ritabrata: of course, the course I studied a couple of years back was already designed to keep ourselves astride of the latest developments​ at that time. I learned Photoshop,  flash, Maya, Adobe Flash, Premiere, After Effects and many more.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years down the line?
Ritabrata: I have a long cherished dream of working outside of India. I had already applied​ for two overseas companies but both of my applications were rejected since one needs at least 6 years of work experience to fulfill the first provision of working outside of India. Still I’m determined to bag my overseas job offer in couple of years.

Interviewer: Can you share me some of your animation learning experience here?
Ritabrata: When it comes to learning experience the first thing pops up in my mind are faculties of my institute, who are really very helpful and experienced. I still remember all of my teachers there and through this interview I’d like to express my gratitude to them for their proper guidance to place me on my dream pavement of career.

Interviewer: well, thank you Ritabrata, it’s nice to talk with you. Hope you work overseas once you completed the 6th years of working as professional. Wish you all the best for your better future.
Ritabrata: thank you so much.

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6 most important questions to crack HR interviews.

Before attending an interview don’t be nervous. Greet the interviewer with a smile and shake hands with the interviewer firmly.

Q1) Tell me about yourself.

A1) The first and best question  for any HR interview. You can earn a lot of points if answered correctly .

Give a brief about your educational qualification. Your family ,location and hobbies. Answer the  question in 3-4 sentences. Keep the answer to the point, do not mention about strengths and weakness at this point.

Example: hi I am Kiran. I am from  Howrah. I have completed graduation in from Calcutta University, Uttarpara Girls College.I had completed my plus two from Chinmaya Vidhya Mission School  and secured 85%.I have completed Graphics and Web designing Course from Hi Tech Broadcast and FiIm Academy.I have four members in my family .I love outdoor sports, specifically athletics  and I was a member of college athletic team.

Q2) What are your key strengths?

A2) Just stay positive. Explain your strength with an example.

Example: I think my greatest strength is to learn quickly. I have completed my course in XYZ institute along with my graduation. I had to finish two courses simultaneously to make myself ready for the industry. My strength is to stay positive under adverse circumstances

Q3) What is one thing which you want to improve about yourself? What is your weakness?

A3) Answer your negative trait/s with a positive twist

Example: My weakness is I am not fluent in English. But I try to learn English by watching movies with English subtitles. I practice English from mobile App like Hello English.


Q4) What do you know about our company?

A4) Always remember to research about the company before attending an interview. Ensure you know the mission and vision of the company, the major achievements of the company etc

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Q5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

A5) This is a question intended to know ,what are your career aspirations, how long would you be committed to the organization, is there any immediate plan for you to move on .

Example, As a fresher ,I am assuming my first five years in this industry  will be a huge learning curve,I want to absorb much of the industry knowledge and also I want to sharpen my technical abilities . I would like to see myself holding a senior position in the organization by my sincere contribution to achieve the organizational goals

Human Resources Interview Recruitment Job Concept

Q6) Why should we hire you ?

A6) I have technical skills required to work in animation industry. I am a fast-learner and though I am a fresher ,I will be able to adapt to the work environment of  your company. Also my personal values are in alignment with your organizational values and I will be extremely passionate about my job with the organization.

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How your are making good employees leave your company.

CV is good, story is better.

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